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A home contract between a child and parents is similar to any other contract. It is a document which outlines a formal agreement. The home contract consists of your rules and expectations that your child agrees to follow in order to be able to return home and remain there without having to be re-enrolled.

To get started, fill out the information on the right and then click on "Next Step". Once you have done this, you can return to this contract at any time to finish or revise by clicking on "Find Contract" (above on the right hand side) on the home page and then logging in your name and your child's name.

When you have finished all steps of the contract, the computer program will compile a personalized home contract using only those rules or expectations that you have specified.

If you experience any problems or difficulties with the operation of this system then please feel free to contact me by phone at the number shown in the upper right hand corner of this page or by e-mail at

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