Negotiate better terms with your Struggling teenager(s)
Foster communication and respect by creating a Home Contract

Behavior Contract

As the name indicates, a behavior contract is an agreement about the behavior of one or more parties. It is a mutual deal between an owner or the person in charge of an environment; and the user or an occupant of that environment. The objective of the contract is to clearly ELABORATE, the behavior related expectations of the owner and the reinforcements; to encourage...

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Parenting Contract 101

Are you struggling to deal with your child’s bad behavior? Do you find yourself constantly frustrated by your child?

Chances are you need to consider implementing a parenting contract in your home. We’ve compiled the perfect introduction to parenting contracts so that you can get started making your own one today...

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Why, What and How of a Teenager Contract

Teenagers are tricky things, their hormones are going crazy and they are both unpredictable and emotional. Dealing with teenagers, at times, can be nothing short of a nightmare. If you are fed up of dealing with a defiant teen or living in a home that lacks respect, then you need a teenager contract.

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Family Contract – a Powerful Parent Protection Tool

Children are both excellent negotiators and often highly manipulative. They have an entire, seemingly innate, ability to throw emotional ammunition at their parents, in a bid to get what they want most. Have you ever told your child “No” to something, only a few minutes later saying yes just so they stop bugging you. Perhaps you’ve asked your child if they’ve done something...

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How to Negotiate with Children

Negotiation is a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. We negotiate some of the most important aspects of our lives: our homes, jobs and even our friendships. It is then unsurprising that we will go on to negotiate with our children. Children are negotiation experts; they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from negotiations...

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How Your Children Would See a Parent and Child Contract

Have you tried a parent and child contract in the past only to have it fail? Are you worried about how to get started with a parent and kid contract?

Sometimes finding something that works for your family can be a bit of a struggle, but once you get it sorted it can be one...

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